What will it take?

What will it take?

How broke do you have to be to get yourself out of your comfort zone?

  • Car repossessed 
  • Evicted
  • No food
  • No gas money
  • Holes in clothes
  • Lost job
  • Electric cut off
  • Selling prized possessions 

We go through things to show us how strong we really are. It’s up to us to see the power in that and use it as fuel to change your life. 

Mistake? This blog?

Mistake? This blog?

Yesterday I was reminded what my potential is. My life isn’t what I see, because this isn’t what I want and isn’t what I’m working for. I’ve been scared to finish the book and post my music because what people will think… But out of the 300 friends that I have on Facebook. 30 people probably actually read the posts and 2-8 people “like” it.  So why should I care. It’s a mistake to care so much about what People think. It holds us back from our true selves. The person who can really make a difference.  

Make mistakes. At least you’re trying. If it’s a mistake for me to be a business owner, preacher’s daughter, artist, older sister, wife and spill my life like this… I guess it is what it is. I will be successful anyway. 

My work is my life. My skincare line is my life. My art is my life. Writing is my life. These things balance me because I can be creative in different ways and I will use what I have to achieve the level of success I’m reaching for. Made a mistake and told someone what I’m striving for and they shot it all down. That’s why I keep my thoughts to myself. No one lives in my shoes and can do what I can because we are all different with different goals.  


Diss FunK Shun

Diss FunK Shun

Diss- Bout in tears. I see family members, second cousins, posting pics of my grandfather, cousins, aunts and other family members I’ve never met. Unless you’ve experienced it, you wouldn’t know how it is to feel like an outcast of your own. Same blood running through my veins. The same history. I don’t get people interested in getting to know “the granddaughter” of the man whose first born came into this world a few months after he got married.

Funk- It’s not my fault. I didn’t have anything to do with that! I just want to know my family. NO, I wasn’t raised in privilege. NO, I didn’t graduate from college. NO, I haven’t travelled the world. I don’t have an extremely successful business yet. BUT, I’m making it on my own. And I will be great on my OWN, because I don’t have a choice. I bought my first car, never ask anyone for anything. No one around me has anything I need anyway.

Shun- My own mother doesn’t even follow my facebook. She can’t see anything I post, why is she even my friend on there. Why am I a problem? What is it about me that people run away from? I really don’t get it and I don’t want to do anymore crying. I’ve cried my damn eyes out since I started writing  last year. (you will see why when you read my book).

I try not to care about what people think of me, but I can’t help it sometimes. This shit really hurts. I have the strangest feeling that when I make it, people will blow my phone up and try to break down my door to get to me then. It will be fake though. I’m a genuine person and that won’t be. I may cater to it for a little while to see what  it feels like being loved, appreciated and wanted.

I’ve been DISSed because of a FUNK that I didn’t have anything to do with… Now I’m completely shunned. DAMMNIT WHY??? What if you were in my shoes? How would you want to be treated. Even the woman I’ve lived for, supported, trusted, followed, respected, Loved unconditionally, and worked so hard to make something of myself to buy her whatever she wanted is avoiding me.

I must be some type of fucked up person to deserve this shit. I will never treat anyone like this. I vow to be MYSELF to Change the World. Someone wants me. I guess I just haven’t met them yet. I’m proud of myself. I’m a pretty strong ass person not to have given up already. I just keep pulling myself right along until my change comes, because its coming.

To Believe. Or Not

To Believe. Or Not

If you can believe beyond what you see… You can have anything. Our problem, well my problem is that I look around me. I look at issues, rejections, disappointments, relationships, needs, frustrations, etc, and hold myself back. I’ve been so much better than I was, but I have some growing to do. 

All the speakers I listen to talk about the same things. And one of the main things is seeing and believing for what you want, not for what you have or what you don’t want. That seems awkward at times, and people may think you’re nuts, but you’re not doing it for them. It’s for you!  I’ve been doing it a lot lately. People have unfollowed me on my FB and social media, but I could care less! I’m trying to make sure my life is in order and I’m the best me God Made. 

I don’t have all these desires just to wish upon a star and dream about. I can make it happen. All it takes is a lot of effort, a lot of time, a lot of hustle and grind, a lot of judgement, a lot of non supportive people, a lot of sweating, worrying and crying and you can make it happen!

Don’t expect handouts… You don’t want those. You want to earn every view, every purchase, every smile, every “thank you”, every follow, every comment, every subscription, every “like” and every “share” because you know they’re not feeling sorry for you. 
*not my photo, my husband sent this to me

Sleepless nights

Sleepless nights

I can’t sleep at night. Not because I’ve had too much coffee, but because I wonder every day if I’ve hustled hard enough. Did I get enough completed today. Did I do enough art? Did I read enough? Did I write enough? Should I have made a song? Should I have made another skincare product? Did I promote myself enough on social media?

Laying down listening to my husband struggle to breath at night because of the construction job he has breathing dust and pollen all day. He’s had enough, but I’ve really had enough. My husband has to sleep sitting up! Damnit! I don’t think he realizes how much I hate his job. His potential is infinite, and he’s working there all day to barely pay bills. That’s why my hustle has gone to another level. 

“Less Sleep More Hustle”-Reality of A Preacher’s Daughter

Don’t Misunderstand my Grind

Don’t Misunderstand my Grind

Everyday is about work. I feel bad when I watch tv because I know I can be hustling in some way. At times I wish things were a lot easier because I feel like I’ve struggled all my life. I guess this is just making a better story.

When I look at my life, right now, I feel like I’ve had more downs than ups. Not feeling sorry for myself, I’m good, I’ve had to adjust and make shit work. People have NO idea, not a clue what I’ve gone through. It makes it worst being a preachers daughter, hustling for EVERYTHING I’ve ever gotten. #Truth

I’ve been researching and teaching myself how to be a business person, create brands, understanding  what customers want and be authentic to who I am and what I stand for. So blogging is the ultimate way to get my feelings out instead of holding them in.

Mentors have taught me a lot over the past couple years and helped me realize a lot about myself. (These mentors have never met me, they don’t even know I exist, but they’ve helped me to get where I am) I’ve learned that hustling is more than doing something in secret for 50 years. Let me explain. My way outside of abuse was creating. I made many different types of artwork, danced, wrote, designed houses, created new hairstyles regularly… Whatever I could do to create something with what I had, and I didn’t have much. I kept it all in my room. I didn’t even hang art in my house when I was younger. My mom probably never even saw most of the work I did. Why? Why did I keep a large stack of drawings and paintings under my bed? Why was their pottery and sculptures on my floor?

Unfortunately, they are all gone now. You will read about that in my book.

But my hustle, my grind, is for people to know who I am and what I have to offer, because it’s better than good. I can’t worry about the lost art, I have to push forward. If people see me push past all the shit I’ve been through… Maybe that will encourage someone else. My decisions haven’t always been the best, and I don’t want people to judge my businesses off of that. You have to see the overall picture of what I stand for.

I stand for GREATNESS. Working until you achieve what you want. Hustle. Get your work seen. Be true to who you are no matter what people say or think. There will always be someone who doesn’t like you. Who cares!!! There may be 1,000 more piece whose lives you changed.

So the people who know me have seen me change my pace. I’m not going to wait to get seen and pray some celebrity posts a pic of my art or skincare on Instagram. I’m going to hustle my ass off to prove to myself that I can do it and help show the world that you can’t wait for anything Drop out the sky.

Remember, the richest place is and will always be the graveyard. Don’t add your contribution. -Reality Of A Preacher’s Daughter

Just my thoughts

Just my thoughts

You ever been so concerned with details that you can’t get shit done. I’m not making excuses, but I don’t have any one to talk to, no one to give me business advice, no one pushing me to keep going, so this is all me. My way to converse is writing, whether I’m writing music or my book.

So my life… I feel like there’s always so much to do and I don’t know what to do first. My focus is my book, my art and my skincare. Overall, I need to get these bills paid. There is always a bill coming out right after they are paid. I’m pretty good with money, but unfortunately there were some setbacks. I read in most peoples success stories where they maxed out credit cards, cars repossessed, late on rent, eating the minimum… so I don’t feel sorry for myself. I just need to know where to go from here.