Sleepless nights

Sleepless nights

I can’t sleep at night. Not because I’ve had too much coffee, but because I wonder every day if I’ve hustled hard enough. Did I get enough completed today. Did I do enough art? Did I read enough? Did I write enough? Should I have made a song? Should I have made another skincare product? Did I promote myself enough on social media?

Laying down listening to my husband struggle to breath at night because of the construction job he has breathing dust and pollen all day. He’s had enough, but I’ve really had enough. My husband has to sleep sitting up! Damnit! I don’t think he realizes how much I hate his job. His potential is infinite, and he’s working there all day to barely pay bills. That’s why my hustle has gone to another level. 

“Less Sleep More Hustle”-Reality of A Preacher’s Daughter

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