He’s engagaed… AGAIN

He’s engagaed… AGAIN

He’s engagaed… AGAIN. This is not the first, second, or third time. 

Maybe this time it’ll work out. Maybe this is the woman he’s been waiting for all his life. Maybe he’s finally ready to settle down and be a husband. Not a father, but maybe a husband. 

Ooooorrrrr, since he just became pastor of a church 😐, maybe he needs her to be his slave like my mom was. 

But what’s going through her head? Why is she willing to say yes to this man who has no relationship with his children? I’m sure he’s lied to her too, but the type of person I am, I need background info. I guess she just doesn’t give a fuck, she about to be a “Preacher’s Wife” -RealityOfAPreachersDaughter

Christian? Saved?

Christian? Saved?

Yep my fathers a pastor of a church. Yep my mom is a preacher/minister. Yep I was raised in a strict household. Nope I absolutely do not believe in the same things I did when I was growing up. 

Life is so much more than Christianity and whether a person is “saved” or not. I’ve heard people put so much emphasis on being a “Holy Ghost filled, tongue talkin Christian” like that’s the only type of person they can associate with. This is stupid. 

After everything I’ve experienced with Christianity, I no longer call myself that. I believe in God and I respect religion, but I will never be religious again. -RealityOfAPreachersDaughter

Old Baptist Church

Old Baptist Church

When I was a little girl, I remember going to an old baptist church. I’m sure it’s still there. I can still hear the songs, I can feel the rumble from stomping feet, I can smell the scent of the old pews, I can see the large narrow stain glass windows and pulpit where my dad sometimes stood. I can taste the communion crackers and the strong wine that left a burning sensation in my chest at 4 years old. I knew when the church ladies were cooking downstairs because you could smell the fried chicken coming through the basement up the stairs into the sanctuary. 

I don’t remember whether I was excited for the food or not because my mom cooked just like that at home and everyone loved my mom’s cooking.

 I just remember when there was no food being cooked downstairs and my father would have me and my mom waiting. My little brother didn’t count. He was too little. We seemed to always be one of the last people leaving, but the Reverend didn’t care. 

Silence is not golden

Silence is not golden

Yep you’ve heard that silence is golden. No it’s not. Too many times I’ve seen people keep their mouth shut and what happened. Not a Damn Thing. So why the hell do we talk about silence is golden. 

I could keep my mouth shut about my life and deal with it internally and regret not expressing my feelings earlier. Some of us handle things differently than others. Accept it. 

It’s been 2 years since I started this blog and have yet to finish the book because of the potential consequences. But everything has consequences. You just need to figure out which consequences you want to deal with.       -RealityOfAPreachersDaughter

Watching myself go down

Watching myself go down

What I hate the most about writing is the temporary depression paired with I can’t fuckin think straight. Now all I can think about is my past. The fights, the struggles, the religion… growing up too fast. 

I have to use my iPhone because my laptop has gone stupid and I need to write when I think about it. I can’t let this stuff stay in. I can’t let it eat away at me until  I die or he dies. 

Since my father is a reader, at least he use to be, maybe he can digest a book by his daughter better thab listening because he NEVER LISTENED!!!! 

It sucks when you have something to say and you never get heard. That’s one of the reasons I write and draw. You can’t be interrupted. -RealityOfAPreachersDaughter

I am NOT a Christian. 

I am NOT a Christian. 

Ironically, I’m writing this on a Sunday. In the modern day “Christian” religion, it’s known as the Sabbath. 

When you’re a Christian, you’re suppose to remember to always choose the Bible first. Reading other books related to Christian history and other religious books can damage your views of “Christ” and the bible. Well at least that’s how I was taught. 

When I was a little girl, I remember saying “I’m not a Christian”. I never wanted to be. I watched “Christians” struggle, judge, lose themselves, hide, manipulate, hate, distort truth and consider themselves an untouchable  being. 

That’s not even all… Why in the world would anyone want to be like that? I recognized that as a little girl and decided I didn’t want to be “religious” or labeled to be anything other than myself. Now I recognize that even more. I’ve allowed myself to go a little deeper in the history of Christianity and learn history of Africa. Now I’m wondering what’s going on? Things aren’t adding up. I haven’t devoted enough time researching to talk about what I’ve learned so far, but to anyone with an open mind, you’d be wondering about “Christianity” too. 

As a “Preacher’s Daughter”, and growing up with strict teachings, people will say all types of things about the person I’ve become. 

“She’s a backslider” -What does that mean??

“She’s prodigal”

 “She’s running from her call” 


If my mom knew what I thought, she would be horrified and probably go on a fast for my soul. 

My dad would probably say since I don’t talk to him anymore I’ve turned my heart from God. There’s a word for that he’s use before and I can’t think of it. I remember! He would say I have a “reprobate mind.”

Bottom line, I hate religion. It’s because of how I was raised, but you will read about that in my book.

Happy Sunday!!