Sometimes Often

Sometimes Often

Sometimes often I feel like the entire universe is on my shoulders and I’m carrying it but it hurts and I’m tired

Sometimes often I feel like the dreams I’m running after are right in front of me. They’re almost in reach yet when I speed up to grab it, my dreams speed up to make me run harder 😩

Sometimes often I feel alone. I feel like few people understand me, yet many are inspired by my journey… how does that work?

Sometimes often I feel like the most creative person in the world, yet don’t know how THEE FUCK to show more than the 1400 people who follow me on all my IG accounts.

Sometimes often I feel so at peace because God constantly sends signs and I’m seeing them. They bring me comfort and joy. They make me feel like God sees and knows and hears and he wants me to succeed more than I do.

Sometimes often I feel like I’ve been building this empire for 20 years and just now finishing the framework. I’m ready to move in though! I’ve had this vision for so long. I’ve been the architect, project manager, builder, interior designer, landscaper, EVERYTHING! What is it that I need to do to finally move in??? I can upgrade later damnit! I’m ready

2020 Vision

2020 Vision

This is a new year with a new vision. Do not keep waiting for people or circumstances to fucking change before you can get your ass up and do something with your life! Love yourself enough to walk away from shit that no longer suits you… that shit will hurt, but the pain is temporary. Results will be greater self awareness and self love which will impact your future and those around you.

Some people will just fall away… and if it fuckin falls away and you know it’s not for you… don’t fuckin chase them.

Do what YOU need to do and don’t worry about the next person and their bull shit. Keep moving forward with your agenda and don’t make no GOT DAMN EXCUSES! Get that shit Done ✅-RealityOfAPreachersDaughter

Who is this girl I love to hate

Who is this girl I love to hate

It’s easier to express myself to something that doesn’t talk back. I just want to say whatever I feel like saying. Today I need to talk about me. This girl who I use to be proud of. I ran out of patience for myself. Well damnit no more pity parties. Get your shit together. Wipe away those tears and get yo ass up and do whatever it is you need to do so you can love yourself again. You can do it! Believe in who you are and make this shit happen!  -RealityOfAPreachersDaughter

What’s in your hands

What’s in your hands

Sometimes, no 98% of the time I have to encourage and motivate myself. This time is no different. When you have bills due and you’re wondering where the money is coming from and you’re doing everything possible…. think “What’s in my hands”. 

What do you have to offer the world. If you haven’t been thinking about it, you probably won’t realize it, but everything you need for the moment you’re living in is within your reach…

Sometimes you just have to look harder

I am NOT a Christian. 

I am NOT a Christian. 

Ironically, I’m writing this on a Sunday. In the modern day “Christian” religion, it’s known as the Sabbath. 

When you’re a Christian, you’re suppose to remember to always choose the Bible first. Reading other books related to Christian history and other religious books can damage your views of “Christ” and the bible. Well at least that’s how I was taught. 

When I was a little girl, I remember saying “I’m not a Christian”. I never wanted to be. I watched “Christians” struggle, judge, lose themselves, hide, manipulate, hate, distort truth and consider themselves an untouchable  being. 

That’s not even all… Why in the world would anyone want to be like that? I recognized that as a little girl and decided I didn’t want to be “religious” or labeled to be anything other than myself. Now I recognize that even more. I’ve allowed myself to go a little deeper in the history of Christianity and learn history of Africa. Now I’m wondering what’s going on? Things aren’t adding up. I haven’t devoted enough time researching to talk about what I’ve learned so far, but to anyone with an open mind, you’d be wondering about “Christianity” too. 

As a “Preacher’s Daughter”, and growing up with strict teachings, people will say all types of things about the person I’ve become. 

“She’s a backslider” -What does that mean??

“She’s prodigal”

 “She’s running from her call” 


If my mom knew what I thought, she would be horrified and probably go on a fast for my soul. 

My dad would probably say since I don’t talk to him anymore I’ve turned my heart from God. There’s a word for that he’s use before and I can’t think of it. I remember! He would say I have a “reprobate mind.”

Bottom line, I hate religion. It’s because of how I was raised, but you will read about that in my book.

Happy Sunday!!