Sometimes Often

Sometimes Often

Sometimes often I feel like the entire universe is on my shoulders and I’m carrying it but it hurts and I’m tired

Sometimes often I feel like the dreams I’m running after are right in front of me. They’re almost in reach yet when I speed up to grab it, my dreams speed up to make me run harder 😩

Sometimes often I feel alone. I feel like few people understand me, yet many are inspired by my journey… how does that work?

Sometimes often I feel like the most creative person in the world, yet don’t know how THEE FUCK to show more than the 1400 people who follow me on all my IG accounts.

Sometimes often I feel so at peace because God constantly sends signs and I’m seeing them. They bring me comfort and joy. They make me feel like God sees and knows and hears and he wants me to succeed more than I do.

Sometimes often I feel like I’ve been building this empire for 20 years and just now finishing the framework. I’m ready to move in though! I’ve had this vision for so long. I’ve been the architect, project manager, builder, interior designer, landscaper, EVERYTHING! What is it that I need to do to finally move in??? I can upgrade later damnit! I’m ready