The hustle is real

The hustle is real

I’m proud of the person I’m becoming. Making decisions to better me and my life.

It’s not always about everybody else. Everybody else doesn’t focus on yooouu!

It’s necessary to come into your own, hustle and grind to be the best YOU you can be. People won’t understand, you will have to take a break from people, you will have to make a lot of hard decisions, you’ll have to look like the mean person or bad guy. But it is what the Fuck it is.

When you get to the point to where you want it as bad as you want to to breathe… shit around you changes. The universe starts to align. It’s a process of adjustments, pain, separation, loneliness and feeling like you’re going crazy at times. You spend so much time alone that you start talking to yourself… or in my case, a podcast.

But my life is about to change! -💯 RealityOfAPreachersDaughter

Going to hell?

Going to hell?

I have a lot of things to say about telling someone they’re going to hell. Mind your business so you can do something with your life. 

When I cussed for the first  time I was like, “God forgive me. I don’t want to go to hell” (I think I was like 8)

I just think differently about the heaven hell situation. -RealityOfAPreachersDaughter

One Year Anniversary. I think I’m getting better

One Year Anniversary. I think I’m getting better

I started this blog one year ago to change my life. I never intended for this to be an ongoing thing, it just happened. Probably because I can finally get my point across uninterrupted. 

I despise telling someone something and they keep cutting me off. Shut up! I have something amazing to say lol. 

Now I use WordPress for conversation since I don’t really go out or have a lot of friends to talk to. That’s how the psychos get started right? Hahaha

This blog has been my way out. My way to vent what I really want to say, how I really feel. I don’t care who’s looking because you don’t know who I am… Unless I’ve told you. 

It’s not like I’m important anyway. News reporters aren’t trying to find the secret identity of this chick who writes music/poetry, has a small business, and is an artist who’s telling her life in a very emotional way.  Who cares.

I just like to get out my feelings. After spending my entire life “keeping my mouth shut” I finally have a voice. I don’t have to keep stuff in and have it fester into sickness and hate and suicidal thoughts. I can get this shit out right here on this Blog and I’m very grateful!! 


Flash Back Friday

Flash Back Friday

I remembered today that I’m blessed. This time in 2001 I was in California experiencing slave labor from my uncle. 

  • Worked 7 days per week
  • Dresses only
  • Using me to bring in customers 
  • Had to be in his church every service
  • Had snitches to tell on you if you did something he wouldn’t approve of, so they could get in good with him
  • Told me my nose ring was demonic
  • Cussed me out and tried to fight me in front of his church in Downtown San Diego