One Year Anniversary. I think I’m getting better

One Year Anniversary. I think I’m getting better

I started this blog one year ago to change my life. I never intended for this to be an ongoing thing, it just happened. Probably because I can finally get my point across uninterrupted. 

I despise telling someone something and they keep cutting me off. Shut up! I have something amazing to say lol. 

Now I use WordPress for conversation since I don’t really go out or have a lot of friends to talk to. That’s how the psychos get started right? Hahaha

This blog has been my way out. My way to vent what I really want to say, how I really feel. I don’t care who’s looking because you don’t know who I am… Unless I’ve told you. 

It’s not like I’m important anyway. News reporters aren’t trying to find the secret identity of this chick who writes music/poetry, has a small business, and is an artist who’s telling her life in a very emotional way.  Who cares.

I just like to get out my feelings. After spending my entire life “keeping my mouth shut” I finally have a voice. I don’t have to keep stuff in and have it fester into sickness and hate and suicidal thoughts. I can get this shit out right here on this Blog and I’m very grateful!! 


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