“Lord Give me a sign”

“Lord Give me a sign”

There are things I really never understood until now. I wondered why people acted  and did what they did? Now I’m in those shoes and I see… I can’t judge because I don’t know someone’s struggles. I have my opinions, but opinions don’t matter right?

I felt like I’ve just gone nuts lately. I’m feeling the same way I was feeling this time last year. Outcasted, misunderstood, rejected, used, unappreciated, judged. I don’t care as much about people’s opinions anymore. It’s more about WHERE THE HELL IS MY LIFE HEADED. 

I get that people go through things for a reason and it can help others, but seriously. “Lord Give Me A Sign”!! Existing isn’t enough. It’s never been enough for me. I’ve expected more from myself. A lot more from my talents and I haven’t gotten myself there.  

So what’s the deal? I’m about to do a 90 degree turn. I’ve got to make some changes. 

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