The hustle is real

The hustle is real

I’m proud of the person I’m becoming. Making decisions to better me and my life.

It’s not always about everybody else. Everybody else doesn’t focus on yooouu!

It’s necessary to come into your own, hustle and grind to be the best YOU you can be. People won’t understand, you will have to take a break from people, you will have to make a lot of hard decisions, you’ll have to look like the mean person or bad guy. But it is what the Fuck it is.

When you get to the point to where you want it as bad as you want to to breathe… shit around you changes. The universe starts to align. It’s a process of adjustments, pain, separation, loneliness and feeling like you’re going crazy at times. You spend so much time alone that you start talking to yourself… or in my case, a podcast.

But my life is about to change! -💯 RealityOfAPreachersDaughter

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