I’m both sides of the coin

I’m both sides of the coin

Sometimes I want to draw – Sometimes I want to write – Sometimes I want to sing – Sometimes I want to rap – Sometimes I want to paint graffiti – Sometimes I want to paint on bottles – Sometimes I want to be complex – Sometimes I want to be simple – Sometimes I want to wear stilettos – Sometimes I want to wear Jordan’s – Sometimes I want to put on make up – Sometimes I want to play basketball – Sometimes I want to make bread – Sometimes I want to solve a math problem – Sometimes I feel fat – Sometimes I feel like I look aiight – Sometimes I speak proper – Sometimes I speak slang – Sometimes I want to hide from people – Sometimes I want to chill with my homies – Sometimes I’m compassionate – Sometimes I want to chop people in the damn throat – Sometimes I want to talk – Sometimes I just want to listen – Sometimes I want to help people – Sometimes I want to say “figure it the fuck out like I have to” – Sometimes I want to wear feathers and silver – Sometimes I want to wear diamonds and gold – Sometimes I feel I’m below average – Sometimes I feel like an Alien, so alienate myself is what I do #RealShit -RealityOfAPreachersDaughter

WHY Won’t I Finish It

WHY Won’t I Finish It

I’ve been thinking about finishing this book waaaayyyy to much lately. It won’t go away. Out of nowhere, I’ll think about something that’s happened with all the details. Feeling those extreme emotions again. It makes me so damn emotional. When I get in my feelings, I function differently. I had to warn my husband that I started writing again so he will know what’s going on with me.

I’ve written some, but I’m scared to feel that vulnerable again. I feel like I have to steer clear of everyone when I start writing so I won’t make anyone uncomfortable, but maybe this time will be different.

I started writing this damn book in 2015, so it’s been 2 years about the amount of time that’s passed since I last spoke to him. There’s so much he doesn’t know about me. He doesn’t even  know who I am. This book would be the only way he would know more of who I really am, rather than the daughter he made up in his head. But that’s not the only reason.

Damnit this book!!!! Shit!!


Would you be my friend?

Would you be my friend?

What no one knows is… they’d probably really want to get to know me lol. 

I feel like I’m a blessing to people’s lives, especially when they get to see the real me. I’m not your normal female or preacher’s daughter. I can be pretty fun, and I enjoy my own company. I have a great work ethic, love to laugh, passionate about what I believe in, and I’ve recently decided to stop hiding… Well outside of “Reality Of A Preacher’s Daughter”. 

I’m not afraid to try different foods.  I want to travel the world and take people with me. I’m careful about who I have in my circle. I’m analytical, but extremely creative and easy going. I love having small party’s. (It’s easier to control the atmosphere). I ❤️ coffee!!! And Starbucks  please. I try different coffee shops and the flavor just ain’t right… But I’ll keep trying.

I love supporting my family and friends to the point where I burnt myself out some time ago. Had to take a step back and focus on me. Never really had friends, maybe a couple. Mainly, just my mom and siblings. Sounds like a recipe for disaster right? A sheltered girl with a troubled childhood, no friends and all the things you’ll read about me in the book, all mixed up together. I’m surprised I’ve ended up the way I am. Hopeful, full of joy, fair, motivated… Everyone’s different. 

Now that I’ve given you some details…

It’s sad, but people’s resumes for friendship are on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat and other social media platforms. 

Please don’t take this too seriously… Unless you want to 🤔