• Don’t be manipulated, manipulation keeps you from your true destiny.
  • Manipulation keeps you intertwined in everyone else’s bullshit.
  • Manipulation drives you away from your purpose and pushes you into depression.
  • Manipulation stresses you the fuck out and breeds anger and rage.
  • Manipulation keeps you away from the people who want you to be successful and have your best interest at heart.
  • Manipulation keeps you from what matters most. YOU! #FuckManipulation. -RealityOfAPreachersDaughter
Done done and Done (On with 2017)

Done done and Done (On with 2017)

It’s interesting how people want you to listen to their problems, engage in the conversation with them, give your opinion just so they can justify what they want to do anyway, then come right back to you to complain about the results of their actions.

The moral of this story is… I’m no longer engaging in conversation that makes me waste my time, energy and resources to give advice for you to do the opposite. Apparently you love where you’re at, otherwise you would make the necessary changes. -ROAPD

Happy New Year!