Done done and Done (On with 2017)

Done done and Done (On with 2017)

It’s interesting how people want you to listen to their problems, engage in the conversation with them, give your opinion just so they can justify what they want to do anyway, then come right back to you to complain about the results of their actions.

The moral of this story is… I’m no longer engaging in conversation that makes me waste my time, energy and resources to give advice for you to do the opposite. Apparently you love where you’re at, otherwise you would make the necessary changes. -ROAPD

Happy New Year!

Thoughts, Family, Thanksgiving, Self Love

Thoughts, Family, Thanksgiving, Self Love

I don’t always want to be negative on my blog, but it’s my way to vent. It is what it is…

Holidays are different since my mom moved to Texas. It’s frustrating talking to her on the phone because she sounds depressed all the time. She’s the one who decided to move all the way over there with no family or friends close. Just Her And Jesus 🙄. 

No offense to religion, but I just can’t do it. I’ve seen it separate family’s, like mine. 

All I hear is “God has a plan”, “God knows everything”, “are you praying”, “are you going to church”.

Now I’m hearing it from my little brother. “We need to walk in forgiveness”, “stop cussing, you’re a Christian”.

I really dislike people telling me I shouldn’t do something because they think they know what the hell I’m supposed to be doing. I get the least support, and I help the most. 

If I say I just don’t give a fuck no more, than I’ll be the horrible sister that’s acting childish, but if you only knew what was going on, then you’d get it. I refuse to continue to be lied on and lied to, taken advantage of and repremanded for being who I am. If you don’t like it, I don’t care. 

One thing I realized recently is that people will shit on you now while you’re trying to achieve success, people will shit on you later when you actually have success. That’s just the way life is. With that being said, decisions have to be made for your own well being. You can’t help others if you don’t help yourself, but it’s not for you to save the world anyway. Some people need to do some shit for themselves

It’s the holidays so Give, but don’t be taken advantage of…

Happy Thanksgiving