Enough already

Enough already

I had so much happen last year. Really good and really bad. Why is this year starting the fuckin same.

I really try to stay more on the positive side of things these days. I’m working out, I’m creating music and art, I’m trying to stay focused. I swear to God, when you are in a roll doing really good some real shits going to fall in your lap.

I lost another aunt yesterday. I lost an aunt and my grandfather last year. Had some domestic abuse issues with family members. I did my first mural last year though

Today I find out that I may have to go to court because of people not wanting to listen to my like I don’t know what the fuck I’m talkin about. Now I have to be part of the bullshit I tried to stay away from.

I love my mom, but she runs from shit and it ends up in my hands and pisses me off. I really pissed at this moment! FUCK!!!!!! -RealityOfAPreachersDaughter

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