There’s a lot running through my had, so I had to pause on social media. I stopped with my IG’s for a little bit to reroute my attention. My attention was on making sure I stayed relevant and keeping up with the algorithm, which I don’t even know if I do that shit anyway.

I had to PAUSE. I’m relocating and I need to focus on myself and my own needs, so I came back to writing. I guess this is somewhat anonymous, so keeps me from thinking about opinions. YEP. Even after all these years, that’s still some shit I think about. The opinions of others who have nothing to do with my progress.


My moving forward has been mistaken for “running” and it was not. When you try to fix something repeatedly, and you’re miserable, how long do you have to stay in that? The changes I’ve made have all been for the good. But now I want to concentrate on ME and MY SUCCESS!

This is why I’ve had to PAUSE, but writing and letting out these feelings is important, so I started journaling on here again, and my podcast. In the words of Drake “WE GONE SEE” -#RealityOfAPreachersDaughter

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