Constant thought

Constant thought

I’m always thinking. And that’s not always good cuz I allow my thoughts to collide with fear… then overthinking and worry happens.

At that moment… that very damn moment… The moment of worry, snap your mind out of it and into subjection of your true desires. What you really want in life. DO NOT THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU DO NOT WANT. Focus on your desires and your happiness.

Let go of everything and everyone who brings disharmony to your well being. They aren’t meant to be there. So it’s ok to let go. Throw them got damn shoes away that you just have because of how they use to look on you. That person who talks shit to you all the time and just wants to use you… walk THEEEEE FUCK AWAY IMMEDIATELY. No time to play games with fake ass, mediocre, sometimey, fickle people. –RealityOfAPreachersDaughter

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