Hell of a year

Hell of a year

It’s been a hell of a year…

So much shit happened it’s hard to keep up. I feel like I was trying to stay on the right track. With the death of my aunt in the first half of the year and the death of my grandfather at the holidays… My emotions were all over the place.

I want to take charge and make this year a year I can really be proud of. I need to write more in this journal, because it always makes me feel better especially since it’s no one knows who I am. I can say wtf I feel.

I know it’s not easy being you (reader), but it’s not easy being me. My mom is a devout Christian who wants all four of her kids to be holy rollers and my father is a pastor of a church. Me… I’m the rebel, who got lost in being who everyone wanted me to be and decided to find my got damn self again.

C.T. Fletcher is a great inspiration to me. His father was similar my father… a pastor and abusive. Now he’s an international hero and mentor to so many being exactly who he is. -RealityOfAPreachersDaughter

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