Who wants to be exposed like Beyoncé?

  •  She’s dealt with a lot of things the average person doesn’t deal with, so stop judging people you think you know, but know nothing about. 
  • From what I see, she’s caring, inspiring, motivating, imaginative, creative, she makes things happen and does things knowing the consequences 
  • She’s accused of all types of craziness, and has to deal with it

I feel like that’s the direction I’m headed. I don’t want to be famous, that’s not a desire at all, but I guess that may come with the territory. People take pride in being negative. If it comes, I have to deal with it too. 

  • I want the world to see my work. Why? Because I think it can heal people bringing them inspiration, happiness, hope and big dreams and just make people feel Good!!

-Reality Of A Preacher’s Daughter

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