Move Your Ass. Motivation. Monday.

Move Your Ass. Motivation. Monday.

Win. Ok, just fuckin win. Stop Overthinking, overanalyzing, tryin to be perfect… and all that shit. You just need to do what the fuck is necessary to win. It may not always be easy. You may seem like you’re not always putting your “best” out there, but just get it out.

I’ve hidden my talents and personality for years. For fuckin what?!?!?! So people wouldn’t criticize? People will talk shit regardless. I have family that hate me for absolutely no damn reason. People will always be evil. People will always judge, so you mine as well gone head and be yourself. Let the real you out and whoever drops off, let them folk GO GOT DAMNIT!!! Don’t give it Energy! Keep moving your ass!! -RealityOfAPreachersDaughter

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