Talk to who?

Talk to who?

I assume everyone has someone to talk to about their life and ask for advice or just another point of view. I have God and this blog. 

I’m over being everyone’s trash dump. I’m over being the one who’s called when I’m  needed and the rest of the time no concern about my wellbeing. Why should I give a damn about anyone else and no one else gives a damn about me? No one has any idea what I’ve gone through, but my siblings swear they had it rough. One of them more than the others

The problem with me making a decision to walk away from these people is a baby. It’s not her fault her parents keep making dumb ass choices and then try to recruit my help. At the same time, if I chose to be almost another guardian, where would my life go. I can tell you I will be a bitch. Not a “boss bitch” “I’m in charge bitch”, but a you giving me your responsibility because you don’t want to make adult choices so I’m going to be evil to you type of Bitch. 

The child is never the problem. She has no idea what’s going on. She’s a beautiful baby that I would love having the pleasure of watching her. My issue comes from someone dropping their responsibilities off on me and expecting me to handle and help when I’ve been telling you all along to stop doing dumb shit!

So Reader you get to be my outlet. I get to tell my story and catch my breadth on her. Right now, you’re all I have and I’m thankful for you. 

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