Out of control 

Out of control 

Sometimes I feel like my life is really out of control. All kinds of stuff happening left and right. Then calm. The crazy again. I’m having one of those crazy moments because someone gave my father my damn number. There is a reason I keep him out of my life. Because at this point, I don’t react well and my focus is my  husband and my business.

 I choose for him not to be in my life because he messes shit up. He instigates, irritates, picks fights, has pity parties, manipulates… And on and on. That’s why for a long time, no one had my number. Because he always suckers someone into doing something he wants. Don’t ask for my number. 

2 thoughts on “Out of control 

  1. Sounds like my story. For a long time, I changed my number and never shared it with some of my family members. No one understood why. But God knew why. And I knew why. Then one day I received a call from one of them. I was upset to say the least. How the %^&%% did they get my number??? There was a very good reason for not sharing my number with them. So I totally understand where you’re coming from…….


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