Leave me the fuck alone 

Leave me the fuck alone 

I’m getting to the point where I never wanted to be. Other than my blog, I’ve only shown my manageable calm side. Now I feel like I’m about to show out. 

Family wants your help. They don’t want it. They want it. Don’t want it. Complain you don’t help, but they don’t listen to you. They want you to cater to them like you have to live their lives for them. I’m having a hard enough time trying to live my own damn life, how the he’ll am I gonna live yours too. Grow the fuck up and make some grown up damn decisions. 

Don’t ask me “what should I do?” I give you advice EVERY SINGLE DAMN TIME YOU ASK, and you do the GOT DAMN OPPOSITE, BUT WANT ME TO CLEAN UP YOUR FUCKIN MESS. 

Family members didn’t give a half a fuck when I was getting a colonoscopy to see if I had cancer. I wasn’t getting checked on. Instead, people continued to ask me for money and favors. I’m so done with this shit. Lose my damn number IMMEDIATELY!!!!

And my father bet not call my phone telling me what I should be doing again. I just might answer and I just may be disrespectful!

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