Took me to lunch

Took me to lunch

My father would take me to lunch and make sure I remembered it every so often. I knew he’d remind me, but I let him do it so I could feel like he’s been trying my whole life. Just delt with him telling me over and over… 

Now I’ve completely cut him off. 

He called one of my numbers. The number I don’t can easily block him on. He had a new number and I answered the phone! Crap! What a mistake. I didn’t know what to say, and I don’t think he did either. (This was not too long after he cussed me out.) He asked about me going somewhere with him, then he said we could go to lunch and he’d like me to pay. 

He talked about not having a job and for my husband and I to pray for him so he could fight to get it back. I was thinking “Lawd!!! We are not cool! I really don’t care!” 

So he keeps talking and starts with I haven’t seen you blah blah… He was trying to pick a fight, and I said I had to go. “Praise the Lawd, Goodbye!”

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