I couldn’t show emotions growing up. I just dealt with life. I couldn’t cry because I had to be strong for my siblings. I couldn’t laugh, because it only lasted a moment anyway. I couldn’t show anger because the person who I had anger towards wasn’t around. Strong. That’s what I had to be.

Now as a business owner, I have to go to work and show that I’m happy. That I’m having a marvelous day and I want everyone who comes to the store to feel this great energy even when I don’t have it. I have to turn off the emotions of my life, and smile.

But is that being inhuman? Did I grow up being inhuman because of what my life handed me? As a kid, other kids used to ask, “why do you walk like a robot? Loosen up!” I didn’t laugh at jokes. I rarely smiled. Smiling to me was a form of Vulnerability. I didn’t want to be vulnerable. That’s how people get their feelings hurt. #Emotionless #Robot

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